How To Repair Holes In The Wall

The last thing that you want to have happen after a long day’s work is a hole in the wall created by your kids running up and down the hall when they should have been doing their homework.  I know, that rarely happens but just like life, you can’t control everything.  So, if you find yourself a victim of damaged drywall, hiring drywall repair near me in the woodlands, tx services can help with repair solutions.

Assess the damage

Before diving into any project make sure that you assess the damage.  When you look at the damage you can get a good idea if you can simply patch the area or if you will need to replace the entire sheet.  Hopefully, it is just a small hole and you can repair it with a patch.

Buy your materials

drywall repair near me in the woodlands, tx

Doing repairs can be fairly simple, however getting the tools and supplies to do the tasks can become costly and can greatly outweigh the costs of hiring a professional to do the task for you.  So, a good idea is to see if you can find a reputable company to come in and do a patch job.  It will cost a lot less and you won’t have unused materials and tools laying around.

Remove the damaged section

With a knife or saw, specifically designed for drywall, remove the damaged section.  From there measure the size of the hole and cut a piece to fit.  Attach the piece to the stud with screws or drywall nails. 

Once attached you will use drywall tape and drywall compound the go over the seam to make the piece invisible.  All the compound to dry and then sand smooth.  Once everything is sanded smooth and you can’t tell where the wall starts and the repair ends, go ahead and paint the wall. You may need to paint the entire wall or room to make it blend in.  Once done, you’re good to go.