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What To Do In Order To Get A Bond

When we get in trouble we are required to go in front of a judge in order to receive punishment.  Typically, the judge will want to hear the evidence in the case and at that point he will set a date for trial.  If the judge feels that you are a flight risk or if you could not arrive at court, he could issue you a bond.  This bond can then be settled through bailbonds cleveland services with companies like Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds taking on the risk.  If you are given a bond, this is the process you will go through.

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Call a bail bonds agent

You will call an agent and discuss the specs of the case.  It is at this point they will decide if they want to take on the bond.  If they decide to take on the bond you will have to come up with some collateral and a portion of the entire bond.


The next step is to do some paperwork.  This will be getting your personal information, contact information, work numbers, and more.  This paperwork will be used to keep tabs on you and do spot checks to ensure you are following the rules of your bond.

Posting bail

After all of the paperwork is done you will post bail.  This will allow you to get out of jail.  Once you are out of jail your bond will start and you will need to contact your bondsman for more details and requirements.

Review and Monitoring

Once you are out of jail you will be reviewed, monitored and otherwise policed until you go back to court.  If you fail to meet any conditions of your bond, the bondsman can revoke your bond and you can be sent back to jail to await trial as well as any other charges you may have acquired.

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