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How to Use Floor Graphics to Guide & Advertise

One advertising avenue that businesses do not utilize as much as they should are floor ad graphics. It may seem like a weird place to advertise, but this actually enhances its appeal and makes it one of the most underrated marketing tools for businesses.

If you want to be bold and make a statement, or simply want to use floor ad graphics to the best of their advantage, let’s look at how you can use these graphics to guide your customers and advertise products, promotions, or your brand itself.


Decals on your flooring can be a highly effective tool to direct traffic in your business and show customers where you want them to go. Arrows and other fun, creative floor graphics can be placed to show where deals are, direct the flow of traffic in hallways, or to show where specific areas of the business are located.


Floor graphics can also be used as a tool to heighten brand awareness, as you will need to figure out how to make consumers associate your brand with the products they love. Graphics are an excellent tool for building brand awareness; you can even use co-branding, which involves putting your logo and store name on the manufacturer’s ad display.

Control Foot Traffic

floor graphics

When there’s an increase in traffic, such as during peak or holiday seasons, stores can get crowded quite quickly. To reel in the chaos, use floor graphic designs to let customers know where everything they need is located as soon as they step in the door, as decals can be placed outdoors as well.

Floor graphics are increasing in their commonality, so don’t be surprised if you see competitors and other businesses making use of this underused advertising area that exists in every building.

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