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Types of Dental Implants – All You Need to Know

Have you decided to get a dental implant? If your tooth is damaged, broken, or cracked, getting an implant is the perfect long-term solution. Do you want to know all about the techniques of a dental implant in Tacoma or other locations?

Dental implants have two basic types-endosteal and subperiosteal, in regard to the technique. However, on the basis of the number of teeth to be implanted, there can be three other types.

Basic Types of Dental Implant Techniques


The most common technique of dental implant, endosteal is a process where a screw-like implant is placed in the jawbone. The screw may be of titanium or another metal.


There may be a likelihood where your implant site does not have a strong jawbone. If you do not want to rebuild it, you will have to go for the subperiosteal implant technique. These implants are not placed inside but on top of the jawbone and under the gum.

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Types of Dental Implants Based on Number of Implants

Single Dental Implant

In case you only want to get a single tooth implant, this is the implant type you will choose. It includes inserting the post with either of the above techniques followed by a crown after 3-4 months.

Implant-Supported Bridge

If you have more than one missing teeth that are side by side, you may choose an implant-supported bridge. In this process, all your gaps will not need a separate metal implant. A few implants will carry an extra bridge that does not require a root. You can leave the center tooth area hollow with only the bridge on it.

Implant Retain Denture

If you want to implant multiple or all your adjacent teeth, this is the best option. It involves a denture, with the difference that this denture is not removable. Your dentist will fix it to your jaw with 2-3 screws for the entire arch. Resultantly, you can get a new set of permanent jaw with a few implants.

In Summation

Getting a dental implant has long-term effects. That is why make sure to weigh all your options before choosing.

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